Long Over Due

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Critically acclaimed,

Not one word can explain my pain,

Rain Rain go away,

You can’t understand me,

Blood in tear format drips my eye faucet is running,

Go meet with dad and grandpa mom they know that your coming,


No, They understood that your missed,

I understand that your gone in human form, life is full of shit,

Pardon, I know you hate it when I curse mom,

Verse after verse I delivery pain until the hurts gone,

Well never gone just learned to manage and move on,

Well never move on, lets take a walk put my shoes on,

And put my hat on and jump in my body,

Nobody can deal with the last way I saw you Mommy NOBODY,

Grandma and Titi Mirtha, Xiomara, and Titi Naiomi,

Uncle Martin I love you forever, forever you are my homie,

I love everyone who looked out for mommy,

But that’s a Family right there,

We have our family ups and downs but our Family is no nightmare,

Titi Eneida, and Titi Betsy I thank you for everything you did,

You know my Dad is smiling down you really helped out all his kids,

You really pushed me to go visit mommy she needed Closure,

Mommy cherished everything you did, you know why? because I told her,

After I confessed to her and spilled my guts and told her everything I ever did,

She Forgave me, that’s the best thing any mother can Give,

She wasn’t talking AT ALL but when I spoke to mommy,

She came back to her body and asked for Javi,

And then she kept asking for Jayson, Putty and Chino,

We got everyone on the phone and now we know,

Mommy needed that, she spoke to EVERYONE OF HER KIDS,

She spoke to every one of Us and EVERYONE OF OUR KIDS,

And a lot of Mommy’s friends called her,

Mommy spoke to someone you didn’t know,

She spoke to my Best friend Melissa Padilla and that struck a different note,

Melissa is in Dubai she’s fighting a different war,

Melissa called me 20 minutes after and  my Jaw hit the floor,

For anyone in a different time zone to make a call to my mother,

Is a GREAT FRIEND FOREVER you Bossy, i really love ya,

My mom is at peace now,

She left 5 Kids and 5 Grand kids,

Too much Family to count and all of my moms sisters have Kids,

and there kids have kids,

Were all here mommy we love you,

Just keep watching over me… I will always stay out of Trouble….

Mommy I love you love isn’t strong enough to show you that,

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