Well hello everyone, I am back again to update you about the artshow that Mrs Ozbe and Myself just had over the weekend.

The show was a great success! Tons of people came and showed support to fellow artists or just art that they would appreciate in general.

Let me start by telling you about the wild day we were having:

I wake up at 9am , I go and get a haircut called Ozbe up and we linked to go paint the Gallery wall.

We were too early and had to wait until the 12:30 parking kicked in, we finished the wall, got to the Bronx oz went for a cut, I went to shower and to get dressed, and to Finish the Guitar I had left.

We are in the car and I am doing last minute touches on the Guitar, I step out the car to put it in the trunk and ozbe screams ” WHAT THE FUCK IS ON YOUR SHIRT ” so I thought he was being Sarcastic.

When I look down I had WHITE PAINT on my damn shirt, I didn’t want to upset myself so we took a drive up White Plains road and I purchased the SAME EXACT shirt again.

We arrive at the art show at 8 and well.. here it is!!



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