Worldstar Video

ThursdayI go to Tumblr and someone Posts this video:


The first thing that came to mind was, ” WOW IGNORANCE ”

I am with my boy Mikey and we start laughing about the video, and I cracked a few jokes about what I would have done If I made this video.

So I stand up and I say, You know what I’m going to make the parody to this right now.

Pulled out my iphone and started recording.

So I uploaded my Video to youtube I did not expect any Views etc, until I got 88 Views so I’m thinking to myself YES 88 VIEWS!

I never get that many views on a video if it isn’t my music to where I can Promote it.

So Friday comes, and my boy Miggy hits me up and tells me how the video on has him dying.

So I ask what Video ? and he tells me ” Your Video bro ”

I go to Worldstar on my phone and sure enough my VIDEO IS UP!!

Who the hell would have thought that my video would be up, Especially getting so many good comments. Worldstar is Slander Central, no one gets good comments there at all.

So 55K Views later everyone keeps talking about it, Zj is going to be so embarrassed seeing this in the future lol.


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