My New Telescope

Maybe a week ago, I decided to get myself a late birthday present and purchased a Telescope.

I know you are all wondering ” Why on Earth would you buy a telescope especially living in Soundview “

For those who REALLY know me, you know that I am highly interested in Space, The Solar System, Interstellar beings, and hopefully to one day some how visit Space just once in my life time.

Realistically, I don’t ever think I will visit space, but I guess only time will tell.

First line of telescope duty was to at least see a few stars, so I set it up and I got to see the little dipper a few days ago, and then I think Thursday March 22nd I got to see a few stars lined over my house.

Honestly, stars were getting REAL boring to view because it is literally just a small ball of light in the telescope, It is VERY COOL to see a star that close in front of me…. yea, but I guess I wanted more.

Yesterday  during Crystal’s ( my sister in law )  party for her son, I was with my cousin and one of my best friends Mikey ( don’t get jealous Kat ) and we were in Harold Michael’s room, and I looked out the window and I said ” look bro the moon is out hopefully I can get a good view from the house ”

We head home and to my excitement the moon was RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE! So like a little kid excited to use his new toy I look through my spotter located on top of the telescope and I start twisting knobs, trying to get the moon in my view, and that is when I got a good good lock onto the moon, Nothing on this planet that I love so much, could prepare me for what I was going to see in this telescope lens…….

I take my 1st look, I breathe in and I take a step back, I feel a rush going through my veins.  I look again and the moon was in front of my eyes, We had gotten a remarkable view of the moon, we got to see every single Crater on it every dent, you can see the actual Sphere shape of the moon as the Earths shadow covered about 75% of the moon. The brightness of the moon through a telescope is like 100 times more exhilarating than looking at it from the top of a building.

I call Mikey over in excitement and I told him ” Yo look at this man ”

He looked into the telescope, and he was in Awe as well, we were talking about it for the rest of the night.

This experience to me, in my eyes was so breath taking it was so amazing I am seriously at a loss for words because it was just so awesome and probably the best feeling I have had since my son was born.

I would love to invite everyone over to take a peak, but my house isn’t big enough, but If you are near by my area and see that it is a clear night, hit me up that is the best time to look at stars.


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