What Happens When You Die? A Break Down Of Life & Death By – Joshua Zero


So this is 100% my ORIGINAL Thoughts no one else helped me come up with this, I came up with it on my own.


So what really happens when you die?
That is a question everyone wants to know, is there a Heaven, is there a Hell?
Who knows?
Well, I have a theory that I would like to share with the world or who ever reads this post that is.

So What happens when you die?

I believe that there is a heaven and I do believe there is a Hell,
I believe the Earth itself is Hell and we are being tested by God to make it to what ever Heaven we choose to make it to.

I also believe in reincarnation. Which is when you die you are born again.
Now this is where it gets interesting, Now who is to say you come back as a Human?
I think if you lived a life where if you helped people, or you did more right than wrong, than you are reborn as a higher being of pure energy, This could be a Star, Could be matter in space, It could be a Black Hole, Could be a Planet, Could be a Cloud, Cold be Water, could be lighting, could even be a higher power that stays on Earth to help people who need to be lead into the right direction.
I call those beings the Chosen Few. Only the Purest of Pure become reborn as a God you might say, limitless power, infinite knowledge, everlasting health and freedom to do as he or she would love to…..

But then again….Now what happens to the people who did more bad than good in life? Or the people who just have no remorse for life and has the ability to even take a life without cringing?
Murderers, Rapist, Child Molesters, Robbers who only do it for the sport What happens to them?

I think they are reborn as well, lets say as a Roach at first, now what is lower than a Roach besides shit? and even shit in its disgusting form has more potential than a Roach.
So you come back as a Roach you walk around your new home and BAM you get stepped on by a human.
You are reborn again…. as a Roach… Who ever is up above seems to have a sense of humor, You come back as a Roach in a different place this time, and you have to die by natural causes, & that is when you are reborn again, This time as a mouse.

Now Mice are kind of cute but people hate Mice as well, Now you come back as a mouse you snoop around your new place AND BAM, you get eaten by a Cat.
Now If the higher being senses that you were making progress he will give you a second chance as a Mouse, but If he knows you need to come back as a Roach to start all over, that can happen as well.

Now after you went through each step Roach, Mouse, Cat, Dog etc etc, and you come back as a Human one more time, This is where you prove yourself.

Now, you obviously are not conscious that you were reborn, because you would not know if you were or not.
But as a human being you have to live your life and do more good than bad.

I have done some bad, but my Good deed over shadows it. No need to boast about it, but only time will tell what happens to my soul.

So with that, I hope I enlightened you all to think outside of your box for once.

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