World Famous Logo Design

So the team got a phone call from my good pals over at World Famous, Nico reached out to me & told me about a vision his team had discussed amongst each other and wondered if Brain Matters could bring it to life.

So the team and I worked on a logo to their exact specifications and cooked up something pretty awesome.

Here’s a look at the process of the logo as well as the finished product.


So this was the foundation for the logo and from there, the team and I brought it to life.






Here we have some multiple flavors for the logo as well as the finished product.



The hats were taken care of by WF and their resources.

Big shout out to Shado, Michael and myself aka Brain Matters.

Bigger shout out to the World Famous guys you can follow @worldfamousnyc on twitter for more updates and news in regards to World Famous and their awesome events. #WorldBbq


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