Puerto Rico 

This was a trip that was on hold for so long, & it finally happened thanks to a somewhat generous person. 
My Aunt Betsy was flying to Puerto Rico the same day as I, same flight, I stood over her house and we arrived at the airport.

My aunt treated me to breakfast at the airport, we had some eggs and home fries ( in this photo my aunt had my plate, & I had hers. The eggs they served me were so salty that it pretty much taste like tears ) 
As we leave the diner and head to the plane, my aunt realized she left her jacket at the breakfast spot.
I wasn’t going back to get it, & neither was my aunt, so the nice waiter has a new women’s jacket that hopefully, he will love.



After that happened we went to board the plane, & embark on our journey. 
The flight on our way to PR had some turbulence, but nothing that we couldn’t handle. There was a younger woman freaking out, who happened to be sitting next to me on the flight. After she realized it wasn’t that bad, she calmed down & decided to take a nap. ( what she should have done as the flight took off ) 



We visited Old San Juan, which had some amazing architecture, & amazing food.

Got to put some stickers up as well.

Got to see some awesome parrots, as well as other birds down at old San Juan. 

From there we went down to Naranjito where my aunt lives, & I fell in love as soon as we got there.

She has the coolest house with a  bunch of fruits, & beautiful flowers all over the place! 

After exploring the propert a little, my aunt drove me around town checking out the local scenery aka everywhere you look, there is a beautiful view.

We then came back home to play dominoes with Tio Junior, & Titi Maria.

The next day I explored some more, saw some more cool lizards, & even more cool plants.

Later on in the day Titi Betsy took me to the The Family Plot, where everyone is resting.

I finally got a chance after 20 long years to see my father again, it was a real emotional time, & it was really crazy being there, but it was such a relief.

I spoke to him for about half an hour or so, sitting ther, speaking and just accepting it all, and that’s when I asked him for a sign.

 As soon as I leave, a little burst flies near me and grabs my attention, but it was so fast and I couldn’t take a photo of.


So with the power of Google and with the help of my aunt, I found the Bird, it’s nick name is ” Reinita ” 

The actual name of this bird, is the Bananaquit bird. It loves sugar and sweet nectar from plants, & as I noticed in behavior, these suckas can move!


After that we went sight seeing some more, while on our way to El Yunque.

El Yunque was the most beautiful place I’ve been on the island, got to see some cool lizards, spiders & beautiful waterfall. 


 Up ahead was the awesome Tower where we got some amazing photos.


Can’t forget this little guy hanging out on the tower.


 We then went down el Yunque to a little spot near the water, and got some amazing food, and I ate a GIANT BACALAITO!! ( spell check ) 


Sticker Happy


Can’t forget I saw a cloud that looks like Gargamel lol


After the food we went to a Volley Ball game, where the Naranjito Ganchos won! ( we went to the championship game the next day and they won the Chip but my phone died so I didn’t get much photos )


Had to 


Had to again 


Quick Coffee Break!

More exploring !

Some more dominoes with Tia, Cousin Sandra & cousin Nediam

& this little guy 



On my last day I got a chance to hit Isla Verda for some fun in the sun and to eat one more time before I got to the airport.


Of course I had to say what’s up to the most Famous Nun of all Naranjito!


Warning Dilf alert ( lmfao ) 


The last meal lol 

Only to get back to this guy waking up for me!

Now on a more personal level ( how much more personal I meant )
Not only was this trip hard for me, but it was such an amazing experience, the culture, the food, the time spent with my family, it was such an amazing trip.

Seeing my dads grave wasn’t just for me, it was for my siblings, I did it for us guys, Dad is watching over us, & we’re going to win. I’m going to make sure we have a great life, I’ll work as hard as I can for you.

Zj & Luna, I live life for you, you’re my reason to live. I love you.

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