Summer Nights Redux

So since I’ve gotten a new bike, I’ve been putting in work in the streets with my Z birds.

I got the whole city bird watching while I have my fun in the entire city.

When I tell you NyC is my giant back yard, & I want my ball back…. I want my fucking ball back.
Right now I’m on tour in The Bronx, one of my favorite places to paint.

I’m putting up birds as much as I can, little to no time for putting up tags, but I still love doing it.

From the random dudes you run into, to the random shit you see out here in The Bronx at 4am, it’s an amazing place to be.
I ended up shooting  uptown with my boy Z,  literally another kid named Z lol, & we shot straight to Harlem, went up 125 & had a little run over there. 

I ended up heading back uptown via Broadway, & shot straight to castle hill from Fordham rd, & that’s after I came from 125th street with my boy.
After that we headed back to castle hill and I got home, shaved, showered and started my day all over again, so with that being said, good morning and I hope everyone has an amazing day. 

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