Art blast

Holy smokes, what a very interesting year.

I started the year losing my job, and pretty much enjoying it happening.

It allowed me to never be afraid of the inevitable. People work, lose their jobs, pick up the pieces, and continue living.

What I managed to do, was pick up the pieces, and I mean literally, I started the year painting a mural for a company that is booming right now.

I got a chance to go to Europe, and California, Europe was really the bomb, California I can do without.

Hopefully you get to see how much work I have been doing, but honestly, this isn’t everything I have done for the year,

I still have more to show you, and some I cannot show because it is still under wraps.


Keep scrolling down until you get tot the end of this page. I promise you won’t be mad.


Thanks for watching my art! thanks again!


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