Self Portrait

During the time I was creating this piece of art, I was dealing with a tough time in my life, I quit my job at Duggal visual solutions, that was probably the weirdest time of my life, I started working at a place called BlackBarn which is some cool little store downtown downtown, I ended up getting “Fired” from that job because I wasn’t “doing enough sales” NOT for the simple fact that the manager was giving me blowjobs when the store was empty.

BUT ANYWAY, I decided damn, that was wack, I need to do something, so During that time I was going on vacation to Europe ( Previous posts are on my front page ) I went to Europe, came back from Europe, and I had a blast painting this self portrait.

I feel like I captured myself very well, I decided to paint the portrait in shades of grey, with a pink background. I felt like pink was such a soft color, to show my soft side, and grey is my favorite color, so I was going to use grey regardless for this piece, I hope you guys like the final result as much as I do, this painting currently hangs in my home as a constant reminder of my tough times, and how I overcame them.



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